Asthma & Allergy Associates P.C. has instituted multiple prevention and mitigation strategies to protect our patients, providers, and staff:

Telemedicine: We now offer telemedicine appointments for all patient visits. Please contact our office for more information.

In-patient Pre-screening: All patients who come into our office for visits will be contacted for a pre-screening prior to their appointment. Please contact our office prior to your appointment if you begin to have symptoms.

All Patient Appointments (including Immunotherapy) must be scheduled: If you have not scheduled an appointment, you CANNOT enter the office without first calling to be screened – please contact our office at 1-800-88ASTHMA

New York State now requires everyone to wear a mask.

Immunotherapy Patients: If you so choose, you may wait in your vehicle for the 20-minute post-injection observation period before returning to the office.

We thank you for your help.


In order to comply with current COVID-19 measures, we are reducing operating hours in our Vestal office.

Effective Monday, March 23, 2020, the Vestal office will be temporarily closed on Mondays.

The office will remain open for regular hours on Tuesdays (8:30-6), Wednesdays, and Fridays (8:30-5).

Whether you are referred by your primary care physician or whether you schedule an appointment directly with our office, it is of the utmost importance for you to know your initial visit will be scheduled with a physician. Do not compromise the quality-of-care you and your family should expect, it is essential your first visit is with the allergist!

Call today: 1-800-88ASTHMA

Breathing: Coughing, sneezing or wheezing?
Eyes: Red, itchy or watery eyes?
Nasal: Stuffy or runny nose? Constant blowing or rubbing of your nose?
Skin: Rashes, eczema, hives or flaky, patchy, dry skin?
Reactions to: Foods, Drugs or Stinging Insects

Why choose us?

No matter what symptoms are keeping you from an active lifestyle when you do not feel well, you want to be seen! Our eleven providers allow for more flexibility in scheduling your appointment.

Over 75 years of combined experience allows for a wealth of education and experience to deal with complex cases.

Multiple offices for a location near you.