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Ithaca Asthma & Allergy Associates

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ithaca allergist

Ithaca Office Information:

  • Our first office to open in 1977. For over 37 years, it has been the desire of this office to provide you with the finest allergy and asthma care available.
  • This office serves as our corporate headquarters for insurance billing and administrative affairs.
  • Offering asthma, allergy and immunology services, the Ithaca office can easily serve all of your needs.
  • A practice that gives back to the community, including charitable donations, and our very own Dr. Flanagan who serves as a volunteer firefighter!
  • Located on Hanshaw Rd. in the Village Green Plaza, right next to the Cayuga Heights Police station and across from Community Corners.

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Ithaca Asthma & Allergy Services:

  • Asthma, Allergy & Immune Evaluations for:
    - Chronic cough & asthma
    - Nasal allergies
    - Skin rashes
    – Frequent infections
    – Hives and swelling
    – Food allergies
    – Bee sting allergies
  • Prick (scratch) & Intradermal Testing
    The most commonly used allergy tests, scratch testing uses a Pick, a needle-less device to diagnose allergies.
  • Immunocap RAST (blood) Testing
    A special test of the blood may be used to help determine allergies.
  • Patch Testing skin testing
    Sticky patches are applied to the skin of the back to diagnose contact dermatitis
  • Allergy Shots/Allergy Immunotherapy
    Also known as desensitization
  • Pulmonary Function Studies
    Breathing tests to help evaluate lung health and asthma control
  • Food Challenges
  • Venom (bee sting)
    Testing and desensitization if required
  • Evaluation of drug/medication allergy
    Sometimes with testing
  • Clinical Research Studies
    Help us find new breakthrough treatments in allergic disease
  • Patient Education

New Patient Forms

the best ithaca allergistOur Physicians are Allergists!

To become allergists, our physicians:

  • Earned their medical degrees
  • Completed two-to-three years of training in Pediatrics or Internal Medicine
  • Completed an additional two-to-three years of advanced training in the diseases of Asthma, Allergy and Immunology

Make an appointment:

Ithaca Office
840 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850

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